The Commission Process 

The process to commission custom art from your photos is simple; email your photos (favorite photos of a pose you like or an expression you would like captured) and decide on which media and size you would like. (I can help you with this as some pets will look better in one media than another). I do not require any deposit to begin your commission. 

Once the decisions on size and media are made, a sketch will be sent to confirm the pose, size and any other details and on approval the final piece will be started. As the commission progresses, photos will be sent via email of the portrait to be sure it stays on track and colors and details are correct. I welcome client feedback during this process. 

Only when a client is completely satisfied with the final piece will any money be exchanged. Payment options include PayPal, credit cards or check. 

If a client is local (within 50 miles of Hartford, CT), the piece can be hand delivered, otherwise a quote for shipping and handling will be given before the piece is shipped. 


I am often asked how long a pet portrait takes to complete. The answer is it depends.

The time it takes to complete a pet portrait varies with the size, subject, the media and the time of year. The holidays can be quite busy, so I urge clients not to wait to order a painting intended as a holiday gift. (I do offer gift certificates for those last minute situations)

The larger the size and more complicated the subject the longer it will take. As far as media goes; colored pencil is  time consuming as it requires layer upon layer of color and can take weeks to complete, oil paint takes time to dry so it can take even longer. The fastest mediums would be pencil or pastel with which a single pet on plain a background can often be completed in a week.